e2s Parts Diagram

Please note, when a different part is available for different regions, when holding your mouse pointer over a component number on the diagram, the part description will show '(Multi Choice)' your correct country part can then be viewed on the part page after clicking.

LH casework (Multi Choice)Lid Assembly (Multi Choice)Plastic Side TrimControl Panel (Multi Choice)Touch ScreenControl D GasketToggle SwitchIllumination BoardControl DTouchscreen OverlayUSB CableUSB SealMount SealUSB SpringUSB Plastic AssyUSB Plastic AssyUSB Plastic AssyDoor Handle (Multi Choice)Door HingeNot AvailableDoor Frame AssyAir Filter SwitchAir Filter FrameCapacitor (Multi Choice)Capacitor ClipDiode KitStirrer MotorStirrer AssyMagnetronWaveguide AssyStirrer AssyThermocouple AssyGasket KitShort Lever MicroswitchSpeakerPartition PlateDoor SealUpper Impinger PlateDoor Choke PlateSpeed ControllerDoor Skin (Multi Choice)Cooling Fan Assy20A Fuse30A Fuse HolderFuse Holder (Multi Choice)12A Fuse (Multi Choice)Mains FilterTransformer LVOvertemp StatMerchandising Panel (Multi Choice)Steam PipeGasket KitRear CaseworkMotor HanningHeater ElementGasket KitUpper Catalyst AssyLower Catalyst AssyPCB SRBMicroswitch Short ArmTransformer (Multi Choice)RelayRH Casework (Multi Choice)